Why Agiene Micro Silver Crystal Technology Now

The beneficial properties of silver have been known for centuries. Silver has commonly been used to fight bacteria in products ranging from household silverware, to dental fillings, to eye drops for infants, to medical wound care and medical devices.  Silver occurs naturally in the environment and has been safely used for thousands of years by humans.

However, silver has not historically been widely used as a treatment for textile materials due to the detrimental effects of silver on desired textile properties (such as color and hand) and the historically high cost of silver treatments.  Fortunately for our customers, all silver is not created equal.  Agiene® Micro Silver Crystal Technology was developed by the experienced textile engineers of Anovotek, LLC working in collaboration with one of the world’s largest silver technology companies. The result, Agiene® harnesses silver in a way that unleashes the natural power of silver’s antimicrobial efficacy while meeting the needs of today’s leading textile and apparel manufacturers.  Agiene® is affordable, effective and provides long lasting freshness.



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