The Agiene Advantage

Agiene® Micro Silver Crystal Technology has been developed and tested with extensive consideration given to treated product performance, application processes, in-plant quality control, and environmental impacts.  Agiene® is U.S. EPA registered and Oeko-Tex approved.

Controls Odors
Odors on textiles and footwear are often the result of bacteria.  With Agiene®, the growth of odor causing bacteria is prohibited and garments stay fresher longer.  

Easily Integrated
Because Agiene® is U.S. EPA registered and is easily applied to most textile materials during normal processing, brand owners can quickly and seamlessly have Agiene® integrated into a wide variety of products.  

Fabrics are Uncompromised
After application the presence of Agiene® cannot be detected by the consumer and has no impact on hand or shade.   This means treated products can be odor free and retain their original look and feel.

Long-Lasting Effectiveness   
Fabrics treated with Agiene® can be machine washed and dried 50 or more times (typically the life of the treated article) without having to worry about performance loss.  Products treated with Agiene® stay fresh long after your new clothes become your favorite clothes.


Agiene® is eco-friendly.  By extending the freshness of textile and apparel products, Agiene® eliminates washing and drying cycles, saving water and energy and reducing greenhouse gases.   Unlike other types of antimicrobials, the active ingredient in Agiene® can be recycled by the textile manufacturing plant. 


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