Apparel & Footwear

Agiene® Micro Silver Crystal Technology is smart and innovative protection for today’s apparel and footwear products. Brands, retailers, and manufacturers are integrating Agiene® into their products resulting in affordable antimicrobial advantages.  These new and improved products offer the final consumer exceptional added value with odor-free performance during work and play.

And, while some antimicrobial treatments can change the feel and color of fabric, Agiene® is undetectable after being applied and doesn’t effect hand or shade.  Apparel and footwear stay fresh and look and feel good too.



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           Professional wear

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Home Textiles

Breath deep – Feel fresh.  Agiene® Micro Silver Crystal Technology adds real value to home textiles like bath sets and bed linens by adding an invisible layer of defense against odor causing bacteria.  As a result, sheets and towels stay fresher and can be used with confidence for longer periods of time between laundry cycles.  So take a load off and say goodbye to the laundry blues.


Bath Sets

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Bed Linens

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Specialty Textiles

Odor and bacteria are unwelcome guests in health care, nursing homes, bus seats and other public venues. Agiene® is safe and effective and is the perfect treatment for institutional and other specialty applications.  Agiene® is heat stable and can withstand the rigors of industrial and specialty applications. 


Specialty Textiles

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