Agiene® Micro Silver Crystal technology is an advanced silver antimicrobial treatment for textiles.  It keeps garments, footwear and home textiles cleaner, fresher and free of unpleasant odors.


Agiene® Micro Silver Crystal Technology was developed by the experienced textile engineers of Anovotek, LLC working in collaboration with one of the world’s largest silver technology companies. The result, Agiene® harnesses silver in a way that unleashes the natural power of silver’s antimicrobial efficacy while meeting the needs of today’s leading textile and apparel manufacturers.  Agiene® is affordable, effective and provides long lasting freshness.

Silver has been known worldwide for centuries as a safe, natural antimicrobial, with its use to prevent infection dating back to ancient Greece and Rome. It is successfully used to control microorganisms without many of the negative side effects of chemicals on the market today. As the green movement continues to accelerate, consumers will demand products that are effective and don't harm the environment.





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